Ep#4 Product managing your side project • Krupali Patel

Ep#4 Product managing your side project • Krupali Patel

What is it like when you switch from corporate to indiehacker world? How is it when you have tech and non-tech founder? Why people avoid building landing pages as the first step in their product journey? I've discussed this with my guest, Krupali Patel, co-founder of Kiba Labs and everypage.

What can you find in the episode (54 mins)?

  • Coming from management consulting background
  • EveryPage and EverySize
  • Declarative way to build a landing page
  • Working on someone's else project vs working on your own
  • How to approach your first users
  • Landing page is least expensive of all product costs
  • Content writing support group
  • Launching mini product as a test on ProductHunt
  • What Krupali is doing in her free time
  • Where people can find Krupali

Half of the way

At the moment of writing, 5 episodes with 5 different guests were recorded. My original plan is to record 10 episodes no matter what happens. That will be a good foundation to decide where to go next. It can be also called a Season 1. That will give me enough understanding on

  • what's necessary for content creation,
  • am I capable of doing it and
  • are people interested in what I'm making.

This will also help me decide on technical details of the show. Audio only, keep doing video? Equipment, editing, overall style etc.

Experiments and fails

I'm doing experiments with my podcast constantly. They are small in size and often not worth mentioning. I'm experiment mostly to reduce the resources needed to produce the episode. Be it technical equipment or time. Money is still not involved so no experiments on that. I still don't have proper diffused lighting so my videos might seem a bit off, and I did an experiment with the natural light in one of the episode. It was all good (acceptable) till the moment when clouds covered the sun and it become dark. Not dark as dark dark but it impacted a bit my conversation flow (hopefully not noticeable), because I was thinking in parallel what should I do, pause recording, turn on the lights, pros and cons. But I left it that way and had no worries afterwards

Fails. Yes, technical fails, please come. In one of the recordings my USB driver crashed and everything connected to it (two cameras and a mic) stopped working for a split second. It wouldn't be a big problem if it weren't stopped complete recording. Because, yeah, no camera can be found and the recording software said this is where I stop. It was funny to see all of those popup messages appearing, my cold sweat while my guest kept talking. Not really a good feeling to explain and to try to setup everything in the middle of the episode again. But that's not the worst thing, this fail kicked me out totally, so when the guest asked me should we re-record, I had totally no idea what we were talking. It seemed like I wasn't even listening. At least it seemed that way for me. Embarrassing. But it's one of those scary things that can happen. Later, I was a bit nervous, thinking if it will happen again. Luckily it didn't.

Audio version on podcast platforms

During the week I checked few options where to upload my audio episodes, and I've decided to go with anchor fm.

What's nice, this platform is already in the process of pushing the podcast to other platforms, so you can find it on Spotify, PocketCast, RadioPublic, Google Podcasts. It will eventually become available on few more places. Check out if it's available on your favourite podcast app.

Are two recordings in one day exhausting?

I don't know, we will find out. Next Saturday I have scheduled two episodes to be recorded. One in the morning, and one in the evening. So far it was maximum one per day. But I'm looking forward to meet two awesome guests that day. Alex West and Danny Postma. Hopefully it won't impact the quality of the episodes. But, there's only one way to find out!

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