How to monetize your Notion page?

How to monetize your Notion page?


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Notion is more and more popular these days. Also, the number of people who are collecting and organizing resources is rising. So, if you have something valuable that people want, why not selling it?

I was asking this simple question. How can you monetize a Notion page? A lot of people engaged with that tweet, so I'm summarizing suggestions I got.

Starting points

1. Sell access to it on Gumroad

I got this suggestion the most. Let's see how you can do this. The first step is to create a Gumroad product and instead of putting actual content, you provide a redirect URL to your Notion page


And how to get the link to your notion page? Well, in the upper right corner of the Notion page you have a Share button


Don't forget to enable Allow duplicate as template. That way people who get it will be able to insert the page into their Notion.

2. Protect it with MemberSpace

Turn any part of your website into members-only with just a few clicks

I saw some people on Twitter used MemberSpace to put their Notion resources under membership. So you need to log in and become a member to access the Notion page. Memberspace works well also with other platforms, it's not related only to Notion.


Keep in mind that you need to pay for using MemberSpace. There is a 14-day trial.

A similar tool is Memberstack

3. Use potion to monetize Notion

Well, not directly, but still you get the point. Potion is also a paid tool that will turn your Notion page into a custom website. Then you can connect it with Gumroad or Flurly the same way.


Like any other digital product, Notion page is (very) easy to duplicate. Keep that in mind. The same goes with selling e.g. PDFs. nothing can stop the buyer to forward a PDF to someone. You could actually additionally password protect the resource and send it directly to those who made a purchase, but still, if somebody wants to re-share it, it's just one additional step for them.

Thanks for reading

Alright, I started the post with Gumroad, so I'll finish it in the same manner. I have two resources that you might find interesting:

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