Ep#3 Newsletters are never out of fashion

Ep#3 Newsletters are never out of fashion


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Hey there,

Another episode was published this Friday. I've talked with Andrew Kamphey about newsletters. He run "Influence Weekly" newsletter, which has over 7k subscribers. One of his sayings is "I read things so you don't have to". Andrew is also a maker, indie hacker. That's one of the reasons why I invited him to be my guest.

These are the topics we discussed

  • How was it to start a newsletter few years ago
  • How is your newsletter useful to your subscriber
  • How Influence Weekly newsletter was born?
  • How much time does it take weekly?
  • What's the main benefit of starting a newsletter
  • Promoting newsletter
  • Monetising newsletter
  • Which newsletter platform to chose for beginners
  • Indie hacker scene in Bali

Behind the scenes of Bruno Talks With

So far, I had always 1 episode ready to launch before every Friday. That's important when you commit to release content weekly. It's a bit different than producing written content weekly. There are more constraints. I'll give you a bit perspective. You need to:

  • find a guest
  • schedule the recording within the covered period (until I have episodes to publish)
  • if we can't schedule within that period, find another guest who can
  • record the episode
  • edit it
  • prepare youtube video (description, thumbnail etc)

That's why I'm keeping track of all of this in an Google sheet. It's kind of messy but it serves the purpose. That way I have overview how much days I have before I need to "start screaming".

Episode #3 trivia

  • This was my first ever recorded episode of BTW. However, the planned schedule was to air it as an Ep 3
  • Microphone was turned backwards so this episode has the worst sound
  • You can see the microphone logo because it's turned to camera, but obviously that's not the point of having the microphone ๐Ÿ˜…

Next guests

Here's the list of scheduled recordings so you can see what to expect in the coming period

  • Pete from No CS Degree, where we will talk about variety of passive income and do you need a CS degree
  • Lena Sesardic, she interviewed 20 product managers and wrote an ebook
  • Danny Postma, indie hacker who builds in public. Pros and cons of that, where's the line.
  • Alex West, Things are different when MRR is in the house. Business is going great for him and we'll hear his story


I'm thinking about option to support me via Patreon. Not created an account yet. There's a struggle inside me, since I'm not doing this for money. On the other hand, you can often hear me saying "Why not". I'm completely aware of my current audience size (~30 YT subs, ~50 newsletter subs). On the other side, why not start early and offer it as an opportunity. What do you think of it? I would appreciate your reply to this mail on this topic. Whatever you say is valuable to me. Both yes and no answers.

That would be it for this update. If you missed the episode, subscribe on YouTube.