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Started as a shower thought. New episode each Friday, 50+ minutes length. Indie hackers, creators, makers from all over the world. Each episode has specific topic. Casual recording of remote video calls with my guests. The content is not scripted so we are are doing a lot of freestyle talk. I'm bringing you their stories, opinions and faces.

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  • YouTube - It all started here, because I wanted to you to get better feeling how my guests look like. Often we get wrong impression by just a profile pictures
  • anchor.fm - Audio only version of the episodes. Pretty much 1:1 copy, plus some intro/outro background music.

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Anchor is distributing the podcast on all major podcasts platform and apps. Check it out if your favourite one is listed

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Whatever we are doing, no matter big or small, we can always learn a thing or two more from the process itself. I'm documenting the process of making Bruno Talks With. And I can be pretty transparent about all my ups and downs. After every episode is published, I share some details that happened along the way, in the newsletter form. The good parts, the bad parts. Thoughts, events. Everything.

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Episodes and Guests

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Season 2

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