First episode of Bruno Talks With is out!

First episode of Bruno Talks With is out!


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Today I've launched the first episode of Bruno Talks With.

Check the video above and here are the topics you can find in there

  • Desire to help people is foundation of good product
  • Don't give up. Arvid is doing this for 10-15 years
  • Building in public. How it led to direct acquisition
  • Fear of copying ideas. Ideas vs execution
  • How community paid back when Arvid launched a book
  • Why Zero to Sold is so cheap? ($9.99)
  • Why building writing habit is important
  • Tribe and Niche, what is what?
  • Burnout happens, it's important to deal with it
  • A twitter DM (2012) landed a job in San Francisco
  • WHY NOT mindset, how I approached Arvid
  • Main takeaways and outro

This is the tweet where you can participate in a giveaway of Arvid's book Zero to Sold!