Ep#5 • No CS degree

Ep#5 • No CS degree

Ep#5 overview

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My guest in episode 5 was Pete from "No CS degree", a newsletter where the interesting stories from people without CS degree are collected and shared. He provided some nice examples that proves you don't need to have CS degree. Still, you need to learn. And to learn a lot. We talked also about idea validation, learning to code and self-publishing ebooks.

Pete is also inviting you to share your cool "No CS Degree" story. You can do it via this form. Don't say I sent you 🤫


You can check what Pete is doing here:

nocsdegree.com petecodes.io gumroad.com/petecodes twitter.com/petecodes

Episode "behind the scenes"

The episode was released on Friday. It was a bit busy week on my regular job and it drained a lot of energy. Friday came, and I didn't have ready YouTube preview for the episode nor did I split the episode in those smaller chunks. Damn. First I wanted to postpone it to Saturday, but then I said - who cares, I'll release it this way. Saturday was also packed up, so it wouldn't fit anyway. Heck, this mail is also postponed, I'm sending it on Monday. Maybe I'll also stick to that schedule.

One thing, that week I had stuffy nose, and in the recording I sound worse that I was actually feeling. But anyway, that's the cost of producing the content on a weekly basis. You have to deliver.

Podcast "behind the scenes"

Three episodes recorded last week. Whoa, last week I produced 3 episodes. Recorded, not produced, still have to edit it though. Saturday was also very productive, podcast wise, since 2 episodes were recorded in a single day.

But, as I already said, last week was pretty much busy. Both on professional and personal plans. What that meant for me and for the episode? Well, I had very little time to actually prepare the episodes. Luckily, I know my guests so the flow was nice. But to give you more context for those 3 episodes, the script for first one was prepared kind of "on time", second one was prepared 30 minutes before the episode and the third one was scribbled with ball pen 10 minutes before the start.

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I dared to create a Patreon account. I would encourage you to check the Patreon Tiers and check if there is something for you, since every Tier has different offers. The good thing is that you can cancel any time. No hard feelings. I would be happy to get some short time supporters. It just needs one to start with the snowball effect. The number of patrons are public so it feels kind of empty when the big zero is shown there.

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And, now that video you waited so long.