First episode of Bruno Talks With is out!

Today I've launched the first episode of Bruno Talks With.

Check the video above and here are the topics you can find in there

  • Desire to help people is foundation of good product
  • Don't give up. Arvid is doing this for 10-15 years
  • Building in public. How it led to direct acquisition
  • Fear of copying ideas. Ideas vs execution
  • How community paid back when Arvid launched a book
  • Why Zero to Sold is so cheap? ($9.99)
  • Why building writing habit is important
  • Tribe and Niche, what is what?
  • Burnout happens, it's important to deal with it
  • A twitter DM (2012) landed a job in San Francisco
  • WHY NOT mindset, how I approached Arvid
  • Main takeaways and outro

This is the tweet where you can participate in a giveaway of Arvid's book Zero to Sold!

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