Bruno says this, Bruno says that

Bruno says this, Bruno says that

[BTW] Communities before products, a chat with John Saddington, founder and CEO of YEN

[BTW] Communities before products, a chat with John Saddington, founder and CEO of YEN


Another Friday passed, another episode on YouTube published. In case you missed it, don't worry, I'll include the link at the end of the article. Here are some behind the scenes updates. And, btw, [BTW] is Bruno Talks With. I plan to put that in front of the blog posts that are related to the podcast.

Process, plans, new guests

First thing to mention, I get a lot of positive feedback for the content, guests and topics. That really means much to me. Because the content is what I bring to the game. Other technical details (audio/video/setup) are just a minor thing. And one of my goal is to check if I can constantly generate new content.

I had had 3 episodes pre-recorded. Two of them are published. Two days ago I recorded one more, and, in few days will record another. And I have like 4-5 more guests that already accepted and we just need to find common time slot. But, what I want to say, I need to keep an eye a bit on producing and releasing episodes. I shouldn't end up in situation where I don't have episodes to publish. So far it's doing just fine. I've shared more details (and guest names in particular) on my regular podcast newsletter. If you are interested, go subscribe!

There's a plan to publish audio versions. I'm in the process of experimenting with possibilities. I definitely want to start with cheap (free) options. One thing I consider paying is Descript tool which has nice support for editing audio files and preparing it. It actually transcribe your episode into a text document so you can just select and cut what you don't like. And they have this auto removal of filler words. I need that. Especially since I'm saying "I don't know" a lot.

Episode #2, Communities before products

Guest for this episode was John Saddington, founder and CEO of YEN. We talked a lot about communities.

  • What is a community
  • How to start it
  • What types of communities do we have
  • Indiehackers as a community
  • Real community is portable
  • Products for running communities, what problems do they solve
  • Satisfied customer is your greatest tool
  • Communities before products mindset
  • What is an indicator of successful community
  • Can you run a community without being open
  • Who is an example of successful community builder
  • John's new recording studio
  • Work life balance

Here's the video of episode:

That would be it, thanks for reading. For more insights of what I'm doing, follow me on twitter.

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